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Seattle Stays Informed with Channel 7 News

Did you know that Seattle is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest? As of 2012, it is estimated that there were 634,535 residents. Whether you are a local Seattleite, which is the actual nickname for local residents, or just visiting, Seattle has much to offer in sports, culture, shopping, and more. Of course you will want to stay up on all the news as it breaks, so be sure to tune in.

Seattle news channels include Channel 5 news Seattle, Channel 7 news Seattle, and Channel 13 news Seattle. These Seattle news stations cover everything that happens in the city. Your local news will keep you informed on crimes, sports, events, and feel good stories, too. The local news is especially robust with two features, KIRO 7 Investigates, and Seattle Insider.

World news is also covered by this Seattle news station, so you need not change the channel if you want to know what is going on elsewhere in the United States and around the globe. Live streaming video ensures that you can get your ne