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What Happened After the Sink Nearly Crushed a First Grader

Commercial lavatory sinks

I came on as principal to my elementary school well after it was built. I had no idea about fixing or building anything. So when the porcelain sink came apart from the wall and nearly smashed the feet of a first grader, I was mortified. After smoothing over that whole situation with the mother, I found myself tasked with the responsibility of fixing a bathroom.

Sure, I was not a business owner, but I needed to find a company dedicated to commercial lavatory sinks. Or maybe just commercial lavatories. Regardless, the bathroom of my school needed new commercial lavatory sinks pronto.

So once I got a lead on where to go, I had the problem of figuring out what sink would suit my needs. It was not like I needed a sink that had industrial performance. I just needed commercial lavatory sinks that people could simply wash their hands in. You know?

The people who worked there were helpful, but maybe a little too helpful. They gave me so many choices and food for thought that I am not sure what to consider. Should I spend a lot to have something more stable so that this does not happen again? Or should I go cheaper on the budget since this was such an unexpected cost?

I needed durability and I needed dependability from the commercial lavatory sinks. Does anyone have any advice on what kind of commercial lavatory sinks an elementary school might want or need? Please share in the comments what you think this poor, old principal should do.