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Searching For More Traffic to Your Website?

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Most online experiences, around 93 percent, begin with the use of a search engine. Most companies have websites. So, it makes sense that so many companies are using SEO or search engine optimization services to draw in more online costumers. There are many SEO consultants and Seo companies in Atlanta GA.

When someone does an internet search, there can be hundreds of thousands of results, or more. SEO can bring a website close to the top of the list, instead of appearing several pages in where people are unlikely to find it. Many business to business or B2B marketers, around 41 percent, have reported that SEO makes the biggest impact on their goals for generating leads.

Approximately 58 percent of the people surveyed have researched products or services online. Internet searches can bring in new customers. Seo consultants can help make a website more visible when someone is doing an internet search. Search results that are not paid, or sponsored are called organic clicks. Studies have shown that around 18 percent of organic clicks go to the first position on the list and that 10 percent go to the second. For business managers and owners, SEO consultants can help bring their websites closer to those top spots on the list of search results. Read this for more.