Three News Stations That Seattle Locals Love

Seattle news channels

Any local will tell you that knowing the weather, the traffic, and breaking news can have a huge impact on how easy or difficult it is to get through your day in a big city. But if you need Seattle breaking news, which Seattle news stations should you turn to? Here is a brief guide, and also what makes each news station unique from the others.

  • Channel 13 News Seattle
  • Channel 13 news Seattle has one of the most unique news websites out there in terms of layout. Pinterest users will find their site extremely easy to navigate, as will anyone that prefers to choose their headlines based on accompanying pictures. If the images put you into information overload, then just scroll to the bottom and filter by topic, or search for the information that you need. You can also enjoy their content th


Tacoma Schools Warn about Potential Kidnappings? Four News Updates

Seattle news channels

Did you know that the Seattle based company we see on every corner, Starbucks, has recently declared that guns are unwelcome in their business locations, although not banned? If you are looking for the latest local news, Channel 13, Channel 7, and Channel 5 News Seattle are all good options. These news stations have both on air live reports, as well as online options. Here are four top local updates for this week.

1. Boy Who Died in School Had a Heart Problem

Last week at Meadowville High School, Matthew Truax abruptly collapsed, and then died, while running on the school’s track during gym class. According to Channel 5 News Seattle, the medical examiner has determined that the boy had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a conditioning that makes it more difficult for the heart to pump out b


Seattle Stays Informed with Channel 7 News

Did you know that Seattle is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest? As of 2012, it is estimated that there were 634,535 residents. Whether you are a local Seattleite, which is the actual nickname for local residents, or just visiting, Seattle has much to offer in sports, culture, shopping, and more. Of course you will want to stay up on all the news as it breaks, so be sure to tune in.

Seattle news channels include Channel 5 news Seattle, Channel 7 news Seattle, and Channel 13 news Seattle. These Seattle news stations cover everything that happens in the city. Your local news will keep you informed on crimes, sports, events, and feel good stories, too. The local news is especially robust with two features, KIRO 7 Investigates, and Seattle Insider.

World news is also covered by this Seattle news station, so you need not change the channel if you want to know what is going on elsewhere in the United States and around the globe. Live streaming video ensures that you can get your ne


A Few Ideas on Getting the Scoop

The people of Seattle know the importance of being involved in their community. From the local politics of a major metropolitan area to the professional sports scene, there is a lot to know and keep up with in The Emerald City. That means there needs to be an even balance of information gathered and information shared. This is where the Seattle news stations comes into play. In order to create a close knit, well rounded, well informed and engaged community, Seattle news channels such as Channel 7 Seattle are responsible for providing balanced, unbiased and informative news in the best way they can. Residents of Seattle have plenty to choose from when it comes to getting the best news available in the most timely manner.

When residents need to know about what is going on around their city, they only have to turn on the TV. Channel 13 news Seattle is another fine example of a community leader in the way they deliver information to the 630,000 plus citizens of Seattle. It should a


Seattle News Stations, On Air and Online

If you are interested in watching a Seattle News station, there are multiple stations to choose from. Each station also has an online site. It is important for News sites to be accommodating to the needs of viewers both on the air and online. Here is a quick review of the Seattle News stations 13, 5, and 7 websites.

First, Channel 13 News Seattle. Channel 13 has a pretty unique layout compared to other News websites. It is very minimalist, with most of the visible page space at top devoted to a single photo spread of featured stories. Although not frequently used, I think this spread is probably very appealing to younger audiences and people using tablet devices. I would recommend, however, having the photos auto rotate. Also unusual is the decision to not have weather information displayed on the site, even though this is one of the top features people use News websites for.

Second, Channel 5 News Seattle is a more traditional layout, featuring multiple tabs at top, an indication of weather in the right hand corner, and links to popular stories also visible in the top. In a way, there is a bit of a trade off between these two sites. Channel 5 Seattle News station is more adept at displaying the information people expect to see from websites, and it is an easy site to navigate. On the other hand, its layout overall is more outdated, with white side panels, a mix of rounded and square corners, and very basic looking headline tabs that are overlaid on colors that do not seem to really go together. For just receiving the News, however, this Seattle News station site performs adequately.

Third, Channel 7 News Seattle has a functional layout that displays weather at the very top, tabs below that for all the relevant categories, and a rotating slideshow of News. Out of all the websites, it is the only one to feature rotating pictures and story headlines, which draws reader attention and makes you feel like you are getting the most recent information.

Strangely though, Channel 7 Seattle News station actually features too much information on the front page. Not only does it give the basic precipitation and temperature forecast, but it also has large icons on the top featuring future radar, five day forecast, video forecast, doppler, and interactive radar. Most people only look for the daily weather updates so these icons would be more appropriate located specifically in the weather tag, so that more relevant news could be displayed on the front.


Channel 7 News Seattle Offers Many Different Kinds of Information

In the past, Americans learned about noteworthy events through a variety of mediums of communication. In colonial America, people gathered around the town crier, who shouted and sometimes ranted about noteworthy events at the top of his lungs. After the town crier proved to be incredibly aggravating to everybody whose ears still worked, these towns replaced him with a primitive bulletin board (often located on the town square) on which individuals could post notes which described recent developments. Many of these towns started to publish monthly, weekly, or even daily newspapers which described these recent events; furthermore, many of these newspapers proved to be an ideal forum for short argumentative essays, popular recipes, cartoons, weather reports, and other items that people wanted to read. Later, some of these items proved so popular among readers that the newspapers which published them started to circulate beyond the towns and the cities in which the writers lived; they started to spread to the surrounding cities, towns, and even states.

Everything changed again in the early twentieth century when several inventors created the radio. Now Americans no longer needed to set aside an hour or two to read a newspaper or to purchase costly subscriptions to these newspapers. Instead, these Americans could simply turn on their radio sets and hear silky voiced commentators report on recent developments; they could listen to angry political science specialists rant and rave about political decisions; they even could listen to these specialists argue and debate with each other; they could hear weather reports which were more reliable than those that appeared in the newspaper.

Everything changed yet again when televisions entered American homes in the early 1950s. Suddenly, Americans stopped listening to radio news programs and started to watch televised news programs such as channel 7 news Seattle WA, channel 13 news Seattle WA, channel 5 news Seattle, Breaking News Seattle WA, and Weather Channel Seattle WA. These Seattle news stations, including channel 7 news Seattle, expanded upon and refined the developments which radio news programs had introduced in the 1920s and 1930s. For example, channel 7 news Seattle WA not only told its viewers about recent developments; channel 7 news Seattle also showed its viewers filmed images and video clips which illustrated the spoken commentary. Channel 7 news Seattle WA also hired dozens of political scientists who took great pleasure analyzing recent political developments; these channel 7 news Seattle WA also paired these political scientists with and pitted them against one another; managers at channel 7 news Seattle WA believed that debates were more engaging when viewers could visually witness the debaters. Furthermore, television news programs like those offered by channel 7 news Seattle improved the reporting on the weather by showing visual maps which illustrated the weather person’s commentary; these managers at channel 7 news Seattle believed that it is easier to understand the weather with these visual aids.


The Leading Local News in Seattle

The next time you find yourself with five extra minutes on your hands, take a few moments and flip through your cable channels. At the same time, make a mental note of all of the news channels that you come across. It is likely that you will find a couple dozen news channels and programs that include Channel 5 news Seattle and other local news, sports news, weather news, court news, finance news, political news, hunting and fishing news, book news, and, of course, national and international news. Among all of the varied news programs will certainly be several stations that will appear to be in the midst of breaking news stories or special reports.

Depending upon what floats your boat, these supposed breaking news stories and special reports may or may not grab your attention. If you are one of those who cannot get enough of over sensationalized news stories, you will undoubtedly stop to see what all of the fuss is about. However, if you are the type of person who has neither the time or the desire for sensationalized news, Channel 5 news Seattle, Channel 13 news Seattle, and Channel 7 news Seattle might be the best news for you.

The folks at Channel 5 news Seattle realize that their viewers tune into local Seattle news stations for the news that is most relevant to their lives. As such, Channel 5 news Seattle will give it to their customers straight, without the undue sensationalism that is so prevalent among many cable news stations and programs. This is not to say that channel 5 news Seattle will not follow stories that would be considered sensational, but any inherent sensationalism will not be attributable to channel 5 news. Thus, if channel 5 news Seattle cuts into your normal programming to offer breaking news Seattle viewers can expect that the coverage will, indeed, be breaking news.

If you are one of those folks who have grown weary of over sensationalized, breaking news stories, channel 5 news Seattle might be the best news programming for you. As such, channel 5 will give you the latest local news, weather, and sports that is relevant to your life, and will not waste your valuable time reporting stories that are little more than overblown gossip. Channel 5 news Seattle leaves all of that stuff to cable news, while focusing on the preferences of its own viewers.


Accurate Channel 7 Seattle News Broadcasts

Residents of Seattle seeking local or global information will likely turn to one of the many Seattle news stations to get it. Because there are various outlets to obtain the news, it is encouraged that you find the leading ones that deliver the most accurate and up to date stories for best results. Everyone in the area is recommended to tune into channel 7 Seattle news broadcasts for breaking stories that are taking place locally and around the world. Along with channel 7 Seattle, the channel 5 news Seattle and channel 13 news Seattle broadcast stations also relay developing stories and have been known for their detailed coverage. Whether you are looking to learn more about a well known story or simply want to get the weather quickly, one of these stations will surely have what you need.

There are a number of Seattle news channels that one could turn to for all the latest. Picking out just one station to tune into every day will all come down to personal preference. Those that are still in limbo on which station is the best should check out channel 7 Seattle news for all that they need. Aside from channel 7 Seattle broadcasts, you can also turn to channel 5 or channel 13 to see which one you prefer. Find a trusted outlet for your daily news so that you can get all the information you need right away.

Most people have busy lives and therefore some may not have ample time to catch the news on television each and every day. Those that are looking for an ulterior outlet to acquire their news should turn to the internet for help. On the web, you can visit the channel 7 Seattle news website to become informed on all the latest. Even further, the channel 7 Seattle website likely will relay information faster than the television as news anchors often post updates to the site from the scene. Use the internet to learn the news when you are strapped for time.

Without the news, many people would be lost on everything that is going on in the world today. Most people will turn to the news for information on sports, weather, politics, and much more. Individuals living in and around Seattle should check out one of the top news stations such as channel 7 Seattle broadcasts for accurate information on developing stories and local occurrences each day.


If You Want To Find Seattle News Channels, You Should Read This Information

If you are looking to find the best Seattle news channels, you should know that they are always available when you are ready to watch your TV. Whether you are watching channel 13 news Seattle or channel 7 news Seattle, you can always be certain that you will get some of the best news stories out there. If you decide to watch any of the Seattle news channels, you may find unique but prominent stories on each which will help you to learn much more about what is going on around you. You can even watch channel 5 weather Seattle in order to figure out whether it will be sunny or raining before you go outside.

Before you watch all of the Seattle news channels, it is important that you learn a little about them. This is because since the different Seattle news channels will all have different programming at different times, you will need to figure out when would be the best time to watch one versus the other. While in Seattle breaking news will be broadcasted across all channels, all of the other programming could be different and this is why you need to take a closer look at what is going on with each channel before you commit to one or the other at a particular time.

While on the weather channel Seattle residents may find lots of local weather and traffic updates as well as interesting shows that are related to weather related incidents, but on the other Seattle news channels, there may be stories about local education, warring nations across the world, government and politics, or any manner of other stories. Once you figure out how to learn about all of these stories, you will be able to plan your day accordingly.

One of the best places to look for this information is on the net. This is because online, you can get all of the local schedules and even compile them into your own list. This way, you can see what every channel will be broadcasting right in front of you and you will never have to worry about whether or not your missed something.

Overall, a little planning will allow you to be the most informed about what is going on in the news. Once you know, you can continue to increase your knowledge base. There will always be new information every day.


When Needing Breaking News Seattle Stations Save The Day

For the best breaking news Seattle has available, you have lots of good options. But when you really think about it, who covers the news and sports the best in the entire market? Usually the answer is either Channel 13 News Seattle, Channel 5 News Seattle or Channel 7 News Seattle. These three stations usually hit their marks in delivering the latest breaking news Seattle experiences, giving you a jump start on your day or adding a liveliness to your night by keeping you informed of the latest breaking news to hit the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Among all of today’s Seattle news stations, these three shine in particular for their coverage of the latest breaking news Seattle residents need to know about. However, the most important breaking news Seattle can imagine is only one facet of what makes these stations so excellent. Of course in Seattle breaking news remains the top reason people tune in to these stations both on their televisions and online. But in large part, these stations are garnering strong reputations in three other key areas: covering the weather, covering area sports and covering education.

The weather of course ranks quite high in Seattle, since there is much precipitation in this region and you must know whether an umbrella and rain boots are in the forecast or whether dry weather will arrive for a day or so. In knowing this news, you can switch between these three fascinating stations, all of which provide excellent content using the latest technologies like radar and prediction software to tell you whether it will rain or not. This keeps you dry when you need to be dry.

Professional sports are quite popular in the Seattle area too, with the Seahawks playing in the National Football League and the Mariners playing in Major League Baseball’s American League, to name just two of the handful of professional sports teams that call Seattle home. To get the very best information on these teams, tune in to one of these stations. You will get daily coverage from sports analysts who cover these games and every little detail of them.

Education remains key for parents in Seattle too, so tune in to get recent updates to what is happening with the city’s school systems. You get school board updates and other news affecting the region with an eye toward education. At these stations, then, the latest breaking news Seattle residents like you experience is just one part of a much bigger puzzle.